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Poetry Appreciation

05 Mar

M2 : (Age 6, at Busselton Jetty, reading from a plaque) : “We have drawn a line in the sea, but the sea will do what the sea will do”. What does that mean?
Me : Well, the line in the sea is the jetty. They’ve built the jetty, but they are aware that the sea will do what it wants. If the sea wants to knock it down, it will. If the sea wants to leave it there, it will.

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Woodman Point Jetty Fishing

19 Oct


We headed to Woodman Point Jetty for fishing on the 14/10/2012, just a day before the kids went back to school. The jetty seemed to be dirty compared to Lancelin jetty. You can find broken beer bottles on the jetty. Woodman Point is about 8km south of Fremantle along Cockburn road. As we were fishing on the jetty two huge pelican birds marching up our way. My younger boy, Matthew got scared. These clever pelicans were waiting for someone to feed them. Yes, some kind soul gave the bird some fish. Unfortunately we did not catch any fish. We concluded that the only place which we were able to catch some fish was Cervantes. After  2 hours we have to leave the jetty with disappointment  because it was raining. Never mind at least we did try!


Siri And Fishing

14 Oct

I asked Siri (on my brother’s iPad) about the best times to go fishing. Her response?

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Our Fishing Trip In Lancelin

08 Oct

We went to Lancelin during the school holidays in October. We have high hopes that we will catch some fish at Lancelin jetty. A kind man gave my children two fishing rods. So they were hoping to have a good catch too. But after 3 hours of fishing my family only managed to catch a fish- trumpeter. My husband caught the fish. The kids were quite disappointed. But they have lots of fun sand boarding on the sand dunes. We have decided that we should just stick with Cervantes because it was the only place we manage to catch more than one fish.

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Cervantes, Western Australia

01 Oct

I always laughed at advertisements offering “See Western Australia! Pinnacles Day Tour”. I had seen the Pinnacles once before, and they are fascinating, but they’re not worth sitting in a bus for three and a half hours for – especially if you have to sit in the bus for another 3.5 hours to get back.

However, the Pinnacles are worth seeing. So, this school holidays, we booked a chalet in Cervantes (the nearest town) packed ourselves into the car, and zimmed up for a 3 day holiday.

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