XKCD 1110 has 164 People

29 Sep

Ok, so the author of XKCD recently published an excellent strip called “Click and Drag“, which stretches the boundaries of what cartoons are – both figuratively and literally.

The last panel is huge!!! You can’t see it all at once, instead, you are invited to drag the image around to see what’s there.

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First Aid Course

19 Sep

MK : So, what did you learn in your first aid course?
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Is There A Sport Like This?

11 Sep

Is there an extreme sport where you are dangled out the back of a plane by a cable?
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Why Can’t The Reserve Bank Lower Interest Rates Below 0%?

06 Sep

The reserve bank uses interest rates to keep the economy growing, but not too fast. Without them, we’d go through uncontrolled waves of unemployment (when things slowed down) and inflation (when things sped up). Interest rates are not a perfect tool for this, but they are what we have.

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Better than Siri

23 Aug

Me : what are you doing with my phone?
M2 : (silence)
Me : are you playing games?
M2 : (giggles)
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Perpetual Motion Machines

25 Jul

M1 had been playing with his remote control car before dinner. It was now on the benchtop having its battery charged.

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How Google Can Bring The Driverless Car To The Masses

27 Apr

I first heard about Google’s self-driving car from a TED talk by Sebastian Thrun. In that talk, Sebastian talks about a friend who was killed in a car accident, and follows by explaining his vision to make cars safer by making them steer themselves.

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The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

12 Apr

Wide plastic spatula : $2.
Using it with my bread slicer : priceless

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Steve Landsburg Asks For An Example

20 Mar

In a recent post on his blog, Steve Landsburg critiques an article by Uwe Reinhart. Steve Landsburg believes strongly that tax on capital gains should be zero. Uwe Reinhart argues that sometimes it’s easy to disguise earned income as capital gains, hence capital gains should be taxed at the same rate as earned income. Steve Landsburg, in his critique, asks :

Can you please write down the optimization problem which has as its solution “tax the doctor’s income and the homeowner’s capital gain at the same rate”?

However, it’s actually not difficult to construct an example exactly like this.

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Why I Want A 3D Printer (And Scanner)

11 Mar

Cory Doctorow explains that a 3D printer, with a scanner attached, can be thought of as a teleport machine. When I mentione dthis idea to some people, they raised a couple of objections.

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