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“Don’t Listen To Your Father”

19 Aug

Me : “We had a fire drill at work today”
M1 : “What’s a fire drill?”
Me : “Well, you get a big acetylene gas bottle, and a big oxygen bottle, and when you mix them, they burn really really hot. Then you put the flame up against the wall, and it burns out these really neat holes in the concrete, just like that”
MK : “Don’t listen to your father”


Arthur Ernest Hartley, 1906-2011.

07 Jun

“God has put eternity in the hearts of man”

Today was my grandfather’s funeral. He had just turned 105. As my uncle spoke, reflecting on his father’s life, he ended his speech by saying “I wonder how many of us had the feeling he would go on forever”. I know I did.

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Some Things Don’t Need To Be Taught

03 May

There are some things people need to be taught, and some things that just come naturally.

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An Electoral Poem

22 Aug

An electoral poem, on the day after Australia’s federal election, 2010

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