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Why I Want A 3D Printer (And Scanner)

11 Mar

Cory Doctorow explains that a 3D printer, with a scanner attached, can be thought of as a teleport machine. When I mentione dthis idea to some people, they raised a couple of objections.

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Change Dreamboard Endroid To Use Celsius

17 Feb

If you have a jailbroken iPhone, perhaps you’ve installed Dreamboard and are using the Endroid theme. Perhaps, like me, you don’t live in the United States, so you want to see the temperature in Centigrade instead of Fahrenheit. Perhaps, also like me, you’ve searched the web to find out how to do it. If you found this page, you’ve found your answer!

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Studying Online

15 Dec

So you’re thinking of studying online…

There are many people like you. Although distance learning has been around for centuries, the rise of the internet has suddenly made the whole concept much more attractive. You would be treading a well-trodden path!

This article explores some of the pitfalls and promises of e-learning, distance learning and online education. My hope is that you will be able to make a choice that is right for you.

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How to change the text on a CCMenuItem

20 Nov

In the cocos2d framework for building games in Objective C, the standard way to build a menu or button is to create a CCMenuItem object.

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Apple Partners with the Sirius Cybernetics Corporation

16 Oct

Apple, on Tuesday, announced it had licensed technology from an obscure robotics company, the Sirius Cybernetics Corporation, for the new iPhone 4S.

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Objective C for Java Programmers – Part 2

02 Oct

In Objective C, you encounter something that you could remain almost blissfully ignorant of in Java – memory management.

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Objective C for Java Programmers

01 Oct

Objective C was an object-oriented language a long time before Java was invented. It was the preferred programming language for a Steve Jobs operating system, NeXT, before it became the preferred programming language for another Steve Jobs operating system, iOS.

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A Google Campus Tour

25 Sep
Arraiving at Google

Arraiving at Google

As part of a conference I went to recently, there was an opportunity to enjoy a short tour of Google’s main campus. Now, Google is a big company. This campus we toured is just the central hub (and probably just part of that). There are four satellite campuses to the north, south, east and west, and other buildings housing other portions of their corporate empire. Youtube, for example, has its own building, some miles away. And this doesn’t even begin to count their offices all over the world.

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My Editor stopped working when I upgraded to WordPress 3.1.2!

01 May

When the wonderful wordpress people issue updates, my blog prompts me to upgrade automatically. Although it always warns me to backup everything first, I never do. Although, sometimes I test the upgrade on a less important blog first.

The first time I ever had a problem was this morning, when I upgraded WordPress 3.1.2.

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Tech Product Review – Olivetti Lettera DL

12 Mar
The Olivetti Lettera DL

The Olivetti Lettera DL

We were quite excited to get an opportunity to spin the wheels of this new product by Olivetti. We’d rather not say exactly how we got hold of this device, but – wow! Are we ever glad we did!

When we first opened it up (I love the smell of bubble wrap!) we were, admittedly, puzzled. What on earth was this thing? By the end of our trial, we had figured it out. Olivetti’s Lettera DL will be as world-changing as GMail, the iPad or the Kinect.

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