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Open Patent License

05 Jun

A lot of people don’t like patents, especially on software. Patents are supposed to encourage innovation by giving an incentive to inventors to invent. In practice, our current patent system fails – it seems – to meet this objective.

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If I were a banana smoothie, would I be easier to teleport?

08 Apr

Sometimes, I get asked a question my training and experience has ill-equipped me for. Like this morning.
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3D Printed Body Parts

13 Mar

This rather dark comic imagines what life might be like if our brains were impervious, and we had 3D printers on hand to print out a new body any time we needed one.

Sci Fi? Then what about this :

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3D Printed Cars – And Bicycles

12 Feb

So these guys are using 3D printers to make cars.

What if everyone had a 3D printer at home? Would everyone just download and print their own cars?

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What If All Japanese Grandmums had 3D Printers?

28 Nov

Here’s a weird piece of news : Parents-to-be in Japan can buy a 3D printed model of their unborn foetus.

It costs a bit over $1000. That’s cheaper than a 3D printer.

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Drawing Robot

25 Nov

My son and I worked together to make this drawing robot. He designed and built it, with just a little guidance from me. I programmed it. He took the photos and the video. I combined his footage into this video :

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Siri And Fishing

14 Oct

I asked Siri (on my brother’s iPad) about the best times to go fishing. Her response?

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Better than Siri

23 Aug

Me : what are you doing with my phone?
M2 : (silence)
Me : are you playing games?
M2 : (giggles)
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Perpetual Motion Machines

25 Jul

M1 had been playing with his remote control car before dinner. It was now on the benchtop having its battery charged.

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How Google Can Bring The Driverless Car To The Masses

27 Apr

I first heard about Google’s self-driving car from a TED talk by Sebastian Thrun. In that talk, Sebastian talks about a friend who was killed in a car accident, and follows by explaining his vision to make cars safer by making them steer themselves.

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