News Flash : Malaysian Man Wins $236M Lottery

07 May

Malaysian national Wan Bee Gwin, from Tambun Tulang, Perlis, is all smiles after winning RM 720,000,000 in the local lottery, an amount equivalent to about $236 million Australian dollars.

“I just bought one 4D ticket” said Wan, a mechanic, “and my numbers came up. I thought, wa-liao, 2000 ringgit can go a long way! But my wife have a much better idea. She told me, put the ticket on the table and switch off the lights. Suddenly there were five winning tickets there!”

Wan, whose monthly income is about 1000 per month, says his wife learned this technique while assisting at a polling station in Malaysia’s recent national elections. They switched the light off and on a few more until the growing pile of tickets filled their one-bedroom terrace house knee-deep. They finally packed the winning tickets into boxes, and borrowed a lorry to transport to the lotteries commission.

Wan has big plans for his winnings. “First, I quit my job. Then, buy a bigger house. Then, maybe, we go on a long holiday. I always want to visit China”

The lotteries commission has so far failed to comment officially on the unusually large number of winning tickets. An officer in the department said, on condition of anonymity, “Of course we will pay out any valid ticket, but first they must be counted and recounted. Then Mr Wan can get his money.”


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