3D Printed Cars – And Bicycles

12 Feb

So these guys are using 3D printers to make cars.

What if everyone had a 3D printer at home? Would everyone just download and print their own cars?

Maybe not. After all, cars are pretty big. You’d either have to print a few big big pieces of car (like the Urbee, linked above), or print zillions of small pieces and have a great big complicated jigsaw puzzle.

You could, I suppose, download your car onto a thumb drive, and go to the local print shop and get your car printed. Or more likely, order customised cars tweaked from a standard design.

On the other hand, a bicycle, maybe even a motorcycle, is not too big for what I imagine a home 3D printer might be like. So, imagine in the future this kind of conversation.

“Honey, I need the car today, the boss has called an in-office meeting”
“But I promised to take mum shopping!”
“That’s ok, I’ll print up a bicycle”
“Another one? Why don’t you use the one Joe printed last week when he needed to go to the beach party?”
“We still have that? I thought he threw it out?”



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