What If All Japanese Grandmums had 3D Printers?

28 Nov

Here’s a weird piece of news : Parents-to-be in Japan can buy a 3D printed model of their unborn foetus.

It costs a bit over $1000. That’s cheaper than a 3D printer.

So, what happens to these mdoels after the baby’s born? I guess some of them will end up in cupboards and closets, only to be rediscovered after the old folks have passed away in 2040 or 2080 or whenever. “What’s that?” “Oh, that’s me as a foetus.” “Eww!” Will some parents keep their plastic foetus on a bookshelf? “Eww!” Let the kids play with them? “Eww!” Put them on display at the child’s wedding? “Eww!”

But what if everyone had a 3D printer at home?

Instead of buying a printed unborn baby, you’d get the 3D image file on a thumb drive or something. Then you could email it to grandma in Hokkaido and she could print her own. Hey, you could post your unborn foetus on facebook so anyone who wants can take a copy. Run off a hundred copies to hand out at the baby shower.

3D printing is exciting stuff, but there will be some aspects of it that are decidedly… “Eww!”



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