Siemens Washing Machine

05 Oct

We bought this Siemens Washing Machine 2 years ago. So far it has been working efficiently. It costs us about $1300. We bought it from Retravision, Osbone Park, Perth. It has 5 years warranty.  I love this machine. It washes well and when it spins, it does not try to move away from its spot. Most of all it reduces our water and energy consumption. It has 15 programs. You can even select the washing temperature and the spin speed. It has a child lock. It can even adjust the washing , drum movement and soaking times to the type of stain.The shortest cycle of complete washing is about 33 minutes with a temperature of 30 celcius and a speed of 1200. You can store a program and all settings permanently so that your older kids will only need to press a button to complete their washing.  I would strongly recommend you to buy this machine because it is a sturdy high quality machine.


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