The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

12 Apr

Wide plastic spatula : $2.
Using it with my bread slicer : priceless

A plastic spatula with my bread slicer... mmmmmm!

A plastic spatula with my bread slicer... mmmmmm!

We bake our own bread with a breadmaker, and I use an electric knife to slice it. I wouldn’t dream of trying to do that without a bread slicer (the white rack in the picture), but even with it, it’s hard. The first few slices tend to be uneven as the force of the knife squashes the end of the loaf. Then the last few slices are worse, if you remove the cut slices, or else if you hold the end of the loaf in place with the other slices it means your hand is near the blade of the electric knife.

At least it was like that, until I got myself a wide plastic putty knife from the hardware store. Now, I slot the putty knife in place at the end of the loaf, and slice away. The loaf holds together until I remove the putty knife, down to the very last slice. No more endangered fingers, no more mangled slices.

It really is the best thing since sliced bread!


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