A Word From History

04 Mar

Here’s a conversation with my son today, while I was doing some repair work.

What's That?

What's That?

M1 : Why do you have that on your finger?
Me : Push this, here.
M1 : Ouch!
Me : You see?
M1 : Cool! Where did you find it?
Me : I bought it in a shop.
M1 : You mean they make them specially?
Me : Yup.
M1 : What’s it called?
Me : It’s a thimble
M1 : Oh! I’ve heard that word! I’ve heard of them!
Me : Yup.
M1 : You mean they’re real?

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  1. Neil

    March 4, 2012 at 2:49 pm

    When I was working in a bank, we had rubber thimbles, so our fingers could grip the cheques as we fed them into the proof machines.

    Paper is abrasive, so without the thimbles, my fingertips would become too smooth to do the job.