Steamed fish and tofu with thermomix

09 Jan

This is a very easy recipe.  I will tell you what you need to have to make the sauce for the fish and tofu. You need  20 g or sugar, a pinch of pepper, 30 g oyster sauce, 5 g of sesame oil, 1/2 a measuring cup of Chinese rice wine, 15 g of soy sauce, 25 g of olive oil, 4 gloves of garlic which I will chop them finely with 3cm of ginger in the thermomix. I use 2 pieces of salmon fillet and 4 pieces of tofu and finally for garnishing I use some finely chopped spring onions.

Firstly, place your garlic and ginger in the thermomix and chop them for 7 seconds on speed 6. Do remember to scrape them down in the thermomix jug. If not they will stay at the side of the inner thermomix jug and not being cooked properly. After that, add your oil and sesame oil in and cook for 100C for 3 minutes on soft speed. Next add the rest of the ingredients for the sauce into thermomix. Cook it for 5 minutes at 100C on soft speed. Once the sauce is ready pour it into a bowl.

Now I will show you how to cook the rice. Do not wash the the thermomix jug which you use just now to make the sauce. Use the same jug and put in 900 of water. Weigh and wash your rice . I use about 400g of jasmine rice.Insert the basket of rice and cook it for 20 minutes at Varoma temperature on speed 4.  Your rice will have the fragrance of the sauce once it is cooked. I cook the rice together with my fish and tofu which are in the varoma . But I remove the tofu out from the varoma tray(upper tray) after 10 minutes of steaming.  I place the fish in the varoma receptacle(bottom tray).  Once the food is ready, remove the salmon from the varoma receptacle and place it on the plate. Pour the sauce over the fish and tofu and garnish them with spring onions.  Enjoy your salmon and tofu with your steamed rice.

Steamed fish and tofu with thermomix

Steamed fish and tofu with thermomix


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