Roti Paratha

07 Jan

Easy Peasy Asian Breakfast

This morning, we had roti paratha for breakfast. My family loves them. Since it is hard to find the authentic roti canai in Perth, we will normally just have the frozen ones which are good and less oily. You can find them in the frozen session of the Chinese oriental shop. It claims that it is trans fat free and it has no artificial preservatives. Trans fat is found in deep-friend fast foods and process foods which is made with margarine or shortening. I will normally buy the value pack which is cheaper. There are 25 pieces of roti paratha in the pack. We will eat then with dhal which I make in my thermomix. I will soon show you how to make dhal in thermomix later. All you need to do is get a packet of roti paratha straight from the freezer. Please do not defrost the roti pratha because the dough will get too sticky and you will find it hard to panfry it. You do not need to use any oil to panfry it. Then peel of the plastic layer from the roti paratha and place the it in a pan or a wok. Pan fry both side of the roti paratha until it is golden brown. Make sure the pan is not too hot because it will be burnt if the pan is too hot. When the both sides are ready, scoop up the roti paratha and place it on a plate and enjoy.

Roti Pratha

Roti Paratha



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