Japanese Curry

10 Jan

We had Japanease curry last night. My kids love it. It is not spicy. I bought the mild S&B  golden curry sauce mix to make the Japanese curry. Firstly cut the beef or chicken into smaller pieces and chop the one brown onion finely. Place them in a pot and fry them with some oil until the onions are lightly brown and the meat is slightly cooked. Then you add in chopped carrots, celery and potatoes. Next you add some water and bring it to boil. Once it is boiled, reduce the heat, cover the pot and simmer the meat until it is tender. Once the meat is tender, add in the S&B golden curry mix sauce into the pot and make sure you stir the food and the sauce properly until the block of sauce is melted. Continue to simmer the food longer. Stir it from time to time. Once it is ready serve the Japanese curry with steamed rice or noodles. Enjoy!


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