Why voting should be compulsory

29 Nov

Strong extreme opinions have no place in politics. I hold this opinion extremely strongly.

To keep such opinions out of politics, it is necessary to ensure that politicians with extreme views can only ever obtain minority support. The extreme opinions of small motivated groups therefore need to be drowned in the centrist apathy of the majority. This ensures that any successful politician, who by definition has catered to the majority of voters, in fact caters to the centrist majority of the population and not merely to a core of highly motivated non-centrist individuals. This way, our leaders are forced to check his or her extreme views at the door before they enter the corridors of power.

For example, to ensure that extremist political views like mine do not gain too strong a hold on a country’s politics, it is necessary to ensure that those who firmly believe no one should vote also make their voices heard at the ballot box. This can only be guaranteed through compulsory voting. Only then can the two extreme views cancel out, freeing the country from the tyranny of enforced political participation.

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