That Rabbit Is Evil

13 Oct

Scene : Bunnings (a large hardware chain), a weekend, during the school holidays.

Characters : Me (me) and M2 (my 5-year-old son)

Bunnings clearly knows that

  • weekends in spring are for mums and dads to fix things around the house
  • weekends on the school holidays are for mums and dads to do fun things with the kids

so they made sure Bunnings was fun. Free tennis balls for the kids, and then, whoa! Farm animals! So, me and M2 went to have a look at the ducks, goats, chickens, donkey, alpaca, doves, and so on as they were being unloaded from the trailer.

M2 got absorbed by a cage of guinea pigs (incidentally, why is “guniea pigs” so hard to type?) This conversation ensued :

Me : Look, they have a rabbit over there!
M2 : (looking) That rabbit is evil.
Me : Yes? Why?
M2 : Evil things have red eyes.

He must have meant this one:




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