The Maze, Neaves Road, Western Australia

09 Oct

Today we took the kids up to a place called “The Maze”. My wife saw it advertised, and decided it would be a good place to visit. Anyway, we had a discount voucher.

The Entrance To The Main Maze At The Maze, Neaves Road, Western Australia

The Entrance To The Main Maze

It was, to me, a surprisingly nice place. Most places with a maze have only a simple maze that’s easy to solve. The Maze is different. Each maze at The Maze is well designed, fun and challenging.

Getting there was also challenging. The Maze is 16 km out of Joondalup, down Neaves Road. Since the route leads through some of the newest suburbs in the Perth metropolitan airport, my GPS got us completely lost. It didn’t help that the GPS doesn’t know about the new numbering system for country roads, so I couldn’t key in the proper address! If you have a more modern GPS, perhaps you’ll benefit from this google map.

Once you pay the entrance fee to The Maze, you have free run of the place. All the facilities are available to you. These include picnic areas, barbecue pits, a volleyball net, at least 5 mazes, putt-putt and frisbee (disc) golf, not to mention the chance to see emus, kangaroos, koalas, as well as cockatoos and other birds.

Resting After Getting Lost In The Maze

Resting After Getting Lost In The Maze

The mazes at The Maze are amazing – far more impressive than other mazes I’ve seen at other places. The main maze has high wooden walls that make it impossible to get a view of the whole maze. The challenge is to find five coloured poles and reach the middle of the maze. The middle of the maze has a tower from where visitors can view most of the maze and plan their way out, as well as a twisty slide for the kids, and some benches to rest on. And the maze is big!

Lost In A Tangle Of Ropes

Lost In A Tangle Of Ropes

Then, there are the pine tree mazes. These are formed by stringing wires between the trees in a pine plantation. With this maze, the difficulty is that the walls are practically invisible from afar – so once again, you have to actually explore the maze to pass through it – no planning possible!

Then there are some smaller mazes with special rules – for example, “no turning left” – and a tangled mass of taut ropes for kids to enjoy.

All in all, a very nice place to visit!

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  1. Tracy

    November 3, 2010 at 1:58 pm

    yeah…we got lost too when using the GPS to get to the wildlife park =p

    The place looks fun!