To The Moon: What Dogecoin Holders Can Do To Increase Its Value

21 Jan

DogeCoin is a cryptocurrency. If you’ve heard of BitCoin, you’ve heard of cryptocurrencies before.

Open your wallet. Take out a banknote. How can you tell if the note is real or a forgery? Well, they guys who made it have some criteria you can use to check. A magnetic stripe, maybe. Or special printing. Or, take it to the bank and try to deposit it. If they accept it, it was real. You still have the money, but now it’s in the form of bits and bytes on the bank’s computer.
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Is Terry Pratchett’s “Snuff” The Next Book For You?

13 Nov

Imagine, if you will, an expert gardener. For decades he has been tending a plot of land near a highway. He grows beautiful plants and tends each one for years until it is absolutely stunning. People come from all over the world to enjoy the plants in his plot. A few notice that within the patterns made by plants is an important message that the gardener wants to communicate.

One day the gardener learns that the highway is to be widened. His plot of land will be reclaimed and bulldozed. There is nothing he can do to prevent this, but he still has his garden for a few more years.

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The Bananiverse

06 Jun

A conversation over dinner :

MK : Drink your milk!
M1 : I’m eating my banana first!
Me : You’re entering the bananiverse?
M1 : Dad!
Me : “Are you thinking what I’m thinking, M1?”


Open Patent License

05 Jun

A lot of people don’t like patents, especially on software. Patents are supposed to encourage innovation by giving an incentive to inventors to invent. In practice, our current patent system fails – it seems – to meet this objective.

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News Flash : Malaysian Man Wins $236M Lottery

07 May

Malaysian national Wan Bee Gwin, from Tambun Tulang, Perlis, is all smiles after winning RM 720,000,000 in the local lottery, an amount equivalent to about $236 million Australian dollars.

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If I were a banana smoothie, would I be easier to teleport?

08 Apr

Sometimes, I get asked a question my training and experience has ill-equipped me for. Like this morning.
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Refactored Bonding

21 Mar

I refactored the code in XKCD’s Bonding :

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3D Printed Body Parts

13 Mar

This rather dark comic imagines what life might be like if our brains were impervious, and we had 3D printers on hand to print out a new body any time we needed one.

Sci Fi? Then what about this :

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Poetry Appreciation

05 Mar

M2 : (Age 6, at Busselton Jetty, reading from a plaque) : “We have drawn a line in the sea, but the sea will do what the sea will do”. What does that mean?
Me : Well, the line in the sea is the jetty. They’ve built the jetty, but they are aware that the sea will do what it wants. If the sea wants to knock it down, it will. If the sea wants to leave it there, it will.

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3D Printed Cars – And Bicycles

12 Feb

So these guys are using 3D printers to make cars.

What if everyone had a 3D printer at home? Would everyone just download and print their own cars?

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